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Whitlow Family
The Bahamas

  • Evangelism

  • Aviation/Medical

  • Pilot/Mechanic

  • Families


Lavalle Family

Costa Rica

  • Prison ministry

  • Street Evangelism

  • Inmate Family Outreach

  • Homeless Outreach


CFM offers team trip opportunities in The Bahamas, Costa Rica, Georgia, and Florida.  

The Bahamas- Serving opportunities include aviation support, construction, disaster relief, and evangelism.  Mission teams will aid and support the ongoing missionary activities in Grand Bahama, and throughout the country.

Costa Rica- CFM missionaries Pablo and Daniella Lavalle share the Gospel with the people of Costa Rica through street evangelism, prison ministry, and feeding the homeless in San Jose.  Join us on one of the team trips where you can serve along side their family in one of the most beautiful countries in God's creation.

Disaster relief- Aviation and ground teams are a crucial part of the relief mission when disasters strike. Partnering with local churches allows God to send His people in times of need.  

Flight Instruction

CFM needs qualified flight instructors who love Jesus and want to minister through gift of teaching.

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