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Can I save the World?

Blogging might seem easy with so much going on the world. I contemplate this idea as I sit down at my desk and laptop.

…..Sip Coffee

Lean back

Gather my thoughts……

My office is lit by sun light coming in from the east and it offers an opportunity for solitude; praise music plays in the background.

Could I save the world? Can we save our country? I’m unsure but I have a sinking feeling in my chest. This year has been rough already. I’m overwhelmed by the thought that there is nothing I can do. Truth escapes me in the media and the government we trust for stability and protection seems to be the opposite. I’m left with the daunting thought that there is nothing I can do but watch it burn.

I lean forward now…although deterred, I’m ready to write a solution to these problems. I have many ideas.

but none of them flesh out in my head. Instead

I pray

Slowly, as if an ember has been lit, my heart warms in the submission to that God is Love.

1 John 4:16-19 proclaims this! I can’t take sides without hurting some of my brothers and sisters. God welcomes my submission to his final authority and I relax. As I release the emotions of the past few months and relinquish the fact that the world belongs to Satan, I begin to remember that I belong to God and he is Sovereign.

I lean back again and sip my now cooling coffee and reflect on the blessings he has given me, and I feel convicted that I have momentarily (again) forgotten that God is in Control. My job is to proclaim Jesus and to share the Hope and Love that is in Him.

So…… solution to saving the world is this:


It’s not my place. Neither my opinion nor abilities have any weight.

God is saving the world, one person at a time and I am His instrument.

He so loved the world that He gave His only Son Jesus…the Christ!!!

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