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Sharing the Hope and love of Jesus Christ through practical ministries


Prison Outreach

Costa Rica

Sharing the Gospel with the lost and hopeless in the Costa Rican prison system is the heart of this ministry. 


Homeless Outreach

San Jose, CR

Sharing the Gospel with the forgotten on the streets of San Jose.


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Inmate Family Care

Pablo Lavalle

Caring for the families of those imprisoned in Costa Rica. 

Christ Flight's missionaries DESIRE to serve in ministries that demonstrate god's love in a practical manner.

CFM missionary, Pablo Lavalle, share the Gospel with the inmates in the men's and women's prisons and with their families across Costa Rica. Their outreach ministry helps people by meeting spiritual and physical needs, through construction projects, discipleship and prayer.

Join Christ Flight in our #1 mission to share the Hope and the Love that comes  from knowing Jesus.

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