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Sharing the Hope and love of Jesus Christ through practical ministries


Flight Training

KLZU-Lawrenceville, GA

KBQK-Brunswick, GA

Students can earn their private pilot license through our program without the expense of paying for airplanes and flight instructors.  This is an average cost savings of $12,000

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Community Service

NE Georgia

Coastal Georgia

Students earn flight time by serving in a variety of community service projects that teach them a wide range of vocational trade skills.  

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Tuesday Night Class

Being a teenager is always tough.  mentors from the church, aviation, many others vocations mentor our students through life's challenges.

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Christ Flight useS planes to produce disciples first and pilots second. We guide Teens through our aviation program and prepare them to face real world challenges.

Our teen ministry's mission is to inspire our students to improve and prosper their lives through the use of good decision-making skills. We want to impart in them the knowledge that they are valuable, with God-given gifts and talents. Through Wings of Grace, teenagers will receive aviation training and opportunities to serve their community.

As pilots we have discovered that successful flying is a microcosm of living a successful life. The same principles that keep us safe in the air also work in everyday life. We have found that most of these principles are biblical.

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