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Our Desire:  It is simple.... be OBEDIENT!!!  God has a purpose for all of our lives, and His timing is perfect.  

Our Names: The Whitlows (Damon, Stacie, Courtney, Ryan, Casey, and Sophie)

Our Church: Bethlehem Church

Our Mission:  Glorify God and live out His purpose for us through foreign and domestic missions. (2 Tim. 4:5)

Our Story: As a kid, I would lay in my backyard and watch the big airplanes descend towards Hartsfield-Jackson International Airpot (KATL).  My dream after becoming a professional baseball player was to be a pilot. Eventually, baseball faded away, but I still kept dreaming of getting my wings.  I didn't know it, but God had BIG plans for me. They didn't include me being a Blue Angels Pilot, a commercial pilot, or even a private pilot.  I was able to work my way through the Navy as a helicopter rescue swimmer, but that was only enough to whet my appetite.  I wanted more, but every time I started planning, I was derailed.

God has HIS plan and HIS timing.  Recognizing this was a struggle for me.  HIS plan was for me to meet my future wife and settle in a while raising four kids.  HIS plan saved me!  HIS plan eventually sent Stacie and me around the world on various mission trips.   During this time our family grew closer to the Lord, and we began to trust Him.

In 2010 I flew to Haiti 3 days after that earthquake.  We served in the middle of the carnage.  I was amazed to see the endless flights by mission organizations, bringing help and hope into the devastation.  In 2012 I met a pilot in Bolivia that flew mission teams and into the jungle.  Through this relationship were led us to serve with Sigueme Costa Rica and this is where we fell in love with the countries of Central America, the cultures, and of course the people.


The Journey:  Over the past 4 years our family has prayed and worked towards God's calling for us.  Our business and donors have blessed us with the money needed to complete flight training.  To date, God has enabled me to earn my commercial pilot's license, instrument rating, a flight instructor rating, and B.A. in Aeronautics from Liberty University. Stacie has been blessed with a heart for missions through agriculture, and she is an amazing team coordinator. 

The Plan:  Stacie and I believe that God can do the impossible.  This will take the impossible!!! Stacie and I believe that through obedience and sacrifice, God will bless this journey and our house. Stacie and I believe that preparing the fields for rain do not mean simply hoping for prayers and support.  We firmly believe that the impossible can only be achieved through faith.   We believe that our God will provide for us.  God says it's going to rain and we have prepared the fields!!!

As our family continues to prepare for the eventual move to Central America, God has blessed us with plenty of work now.  Currently, I serve as an associate staff pilot for Missionary Air Group in Burlington, NC.  MAG also equips pilots and aircraft for missionary service in Honduras, Guatemala, and Cameroon. Stacie serves as Christ Flight's missions team coordinator and secretary.  Among these activities, we both serve with Sigueme Costa Rica and within our goal church.  Please check out our "Ministries Opportunities" page for details about other activities within CFM.

Over the next few years, our family will continue to prepare in the following manner:


Spiritually:  Through obedience, prayer, and studying God's word, we will prepare ourselves to be on the mission field full time.

Physically: We will respect our bodies by eating cleanly and exercising because it is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Mentally:  We will prepare our minds so that we are not living as apart of the world but rather how Jesus would want us to see the world.
Financially: 100% of all money earned by giving flight instruction will be donated back to this ministry as a way to support our family on the mission field.

WE will be obedient to God's will(2 Cor. 9:13)
WE will Pray daily and intentionally(Dan. 6:10)
WE will ask God to provide the finances necessary(Matt. 6:34)
WE will prepare the fields for rain(Philemon 22)
WE will continue to tithe (Deut .14:22)
WE will give financially towards our goal (Deut.14:25)
WE will cut excessive spending and save money(1 Cor. 16:2)

PRAY for us daily and intentionally

SHARE our vision and our Journey with as many people as possible

GIVE towards our goal.  $1 or as much as you can.  Continual donations are greatly appreciated.  Consider helping us on a monthly basis. If you can't go on a mission trip, this is a great way to support missions still. DONATE NOW

PARTICIPATE in the impossible

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